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Can I take this opportunity to thank you both for your assistance in this matter and the manner in which you conducted the transaction. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending RightReg to my friends and colleagues. Good luck for the future.

The private number plate transfer process has completely changed now because of the closure of all the DVLA local offices throughout the country.

There are two separate websites to use depending on which way you are transferring your number plate; one is to put a number plate on to a vehicle. ( ) the other website is to take a number plate off a vehicle and put on to a retention certificate ( ) there is a £80 fee to take off the vehicle and put on to a retention certificate.

If you want to transfer a private number plate from vehicle to vehicle you will have to send both V5c’s (Log Books) and a completed V317 form which can be downloaded from ( ) plus an £80 cheque to the DVLA Swansea and this will take 2 weeks to be completed. All the information you need is on the form including the address in which to post the documents along with the V317 form, we normally suggest to post documents recorded just to be on the safe side as if your log book’s get lost in the post there can be a £25 charge to replace your log book.

Very simply once you have a certificate for the registration and you have a V5c (Log Book) for your vehicle the registration can be assigned online immediately and you will receive an email direct from the DVLA confirming the transfer plus a V948 form to print off to enable you to have the acrylic number plates made up by a garage or car accessory shop.

Once you have decided upon the registration you wish to purchase it can either be supplied on a certificate ( the certificates are now valid for 10 years ) or it can be transferred directly onto your vehicle.

If the registration has been supplied on a certificate it is your responsibility to have the registration assigned to your vehicle or extended before the 10 year expiry. There’s no longer a charge to have the certificate extended by the DVLA.

Once you have assigned your new registration number to your vehicle your old number reverts back to the DVLA, unless you want to keep it, this will cost you £80.00 to put your number onto a retention certificate. Normally your vehicle is given its original registration back if and when you transfer your new registration onto a vehicle in the future.

No transfers are allowable to ‘Q’ registered vehicles.

Once you have received a confirmation email from the DVLA or Right Registrations have confirmed the transfer has been successful.

This is normally possible to supply the registration on a retention certificate which is now valid for 10 years, if it has not been assigned by the expiry date it can be extended for a further 10 years at no cost to yourselves, but it is your responsibility to ensure it is assigned or extended by the expiry date shown on the certificate.

Your MOT certificate shows the registration number that was on the vehicle on the date that the MOT test was carried out, therefore this does not need to be changed, it will get rectified once you have the next MOT test.

No, this would only happen if you actually changed the construction of the vehicle. Normally only the donor vehicle gets called for an inspection, this does happen on pre 1963 vehicles to confirm it is the original registration.

If the registration has come directly from the government via the DVLA then VAT is applicable, as will a registration supplied by a VAT registered company. Private purchases or registrations that are sold on a commission basis are free from any VAT.

This is totally illegal, number plates must be displayed in the correct manner, with no alterations or spaces adjusted. You risk being fined, or having the registration taken off you if you are caught with illegal plates on your vehicle.

Once you have the V948 certificate that is issued by the DVLA you can purchase the plates from any garage, accessory shop or off the internet.

Yes, this is paid at the time of purchasing your registration then when you wish to assign the registration to your vehicle there is no charge or cost. There is an £80.00 charge by the DVLA to take a registration off a vehicle and place onto a retention certificate, and it is £80.00 to transfer a registration number from one vehicle directly to another vehicle, this currently cannot be done online and has to be sent to the DVLA in Swansea to be processed.

We can wait until the document is received, then we can assign your registration online, without the document reference number it is not possible to assign a registration number. Q: What If I Change My Mind after A Deposit or Full Payment has been Made and No Longer Want the Registration Number.

Our purchasing service commences immediately once we have taken part or full payment to secure your registration, we will have already purchased/secured the registration you have decided upon. All payments whether part or full are non- refundable regardless of cost. We will offer to re market your registration for you and try and recover your costs.

Technically you don’t actually own the registration you have the rights to display the registration on your vehicle. You either have the registration on a vehicle or on a retention certificate.

The only criteria is you cannot make your vehicle look newer than it is by transferring a younger year letter registration.

If you are not clear or don’t fully understand the system please check with one of our staff members to ensure you purchase a registration that is transferable to your vehicle.

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