Recent Testimonials

Can I take this opportunity to thank you both for your assistance in this matter and the manner in which you conducted the transaction. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending RightReg to my friends and colleagues. Good luck for the future.

Maintenance free and huge profits !

Customers wishing to explore the investment possibilities or who may like to start a portfolio of high-potential registrations should contact our investment specialist on 01526 353111.

Registrations bought wisely are a very secure form of investment, if you are considering creating a portfolio of number plates as an investment; we are the people you need to be talking to. The actual percentage profit can easily eclipse most investment opportunities on the market.

We have access to thousands of registrations and we are offered private number plates every day which customers are looking to sell outright. We have years of experience and knowledge that will ensure the cherished number plates in your portfolio are a worthwhile investment.

There are thousands of registrations on the market, many are grossly overpriced and have little chance of selling, if you want to avoid this situation please contact our specialist for an informal discussion 01526 353111.

As you can see from the above examples the profit margins can be most impressive.

# Registration Year Purchased Purchase Price Todays Value
1 D 2 2005 £115,000 £299,995
2 69 M 2006 £10,500 £29,995
3 PAU 1N 2006 £10,500 £29,995
4 GRA 6E 2004 £6,800 £19,995
5 98 SS 2011 £6,200 £17,495
6 83 JW 2010 £6,700 £14,995
7 F430 RED 2005 £5,500 £9,995
8 A599 GTB 2006 £2,400 £8,995
9 1 MWH 2005 £12,000 £34,995
10 1 DDJ 2008 £7,500 £19,995

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